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Do you have what it takes to save the day? Cactus Canyon Remake puts you in the game as the future lawman of the old west town of Cactus Canyon. Save the town bank from a robbery, show off your skills as an expert marksman, even tame wild broncos and don't forget to save Polly Peril from the train!

Cactus Canyon is the fourth game in the exciting line of remakes of the greatest Bally/Williams pinball machines.

Cactus Canyon features expanded game rules, new display art and new sounds all of which are exclusive to Cactus Canyon Remake. All new full-color display artwork, re-imagined within the framework of the original Williams display artwork at four times the resolution. Thousands of frames have been painstakingly animated to create a display that features full color and four times the number of dots as the original Williams game.

Both models feature Chicago Gaming’s 19-¼” XL Color Display which has twice the viewing area of the display utilized in the original game. Modern Electronics, LED lighting, and today's manufacturing technology help deliver a game experience that exceeds expectations.

Wild West Shootout Topper

The Wild West Shootout Topper features the first mini-game ever included in a topper. Use flipper buttons to aim and test your marksman skills as you battle through the town but please be careful not to hit the peaceful folks of Cactus Canyon. Black Bart uses both fully rotating pistol wielding arms to shoot at you every chance he gets. Are you a good enough gunslinger to knock Black Bart back and save the day?

Interactive RGB General Illumination

Cactus Canyon Remake features interactive LED lighting throughout the game. Interactive General Illumination will engage your senses and bring the game to life.

All New Original Sculptures

Cactus Canyon features many new sculptures including:

New Train Tracks and Diecast Metal Train

New Custom Lower Arches

Lower Arches for both games are exceptional and feature new revolver sculptures and bullets. The LE Gunslinger Lower Arch additionally features a laser branded wooden top and cast metal LE Medallion which showcases the serial number of your game.

HD Color Display Art

    Cactus Canyon Feature Matrix:

    Special Edition
    Special Edition Plus Topper
    Limited Edition
    Cactus Canyon SE Cactus Canyon SE+ Cactus Canyon LE
    XL Color Display (19.4") Included Included Included
    Trim Color Stainless Stainless Gun Metal Gray
    Premium Enhanced Sound System Included Included Included
    RGB LED General Illumination including Jet Bumpers Included Included Included
    RGB Back Panel Lighting Included Included Included
    RGB LED Illuminated Mine Popper And Saloon Trough Included Included Included
    Interactive LED Quick Draw Targets Included Included Included
    Interactive LED Illuminated Drop Targets Included Included Included
    Artist Sculpted Bart Bash Toy Included Included Included
    Artist Sculpted Playfield Cacti Included Included Included
    Diecast Metal Train Included Included Included
    Upgraded Revolvers and LED Flashers on Lower Arch Included Included Included
    Artist Sculpted Mine Mountain Included Included Included
    Artist Sculpted Mine Cart and Tracks Included
    Artist Sculpted Train Tracks Included
    Gunslinger Lower Arch Included
    Limited Edition Metal Serial Number Medallion (1250) Included
    Wild West Shootout Topper Included Included
    Custom Interior Art Blades Included
    Shaker Motor Included
    Cactus Canyon™ Remake Enhanced Software Included Included Included
    Cactus Canyon™ Remake Original Software Included Included Included
    Electronics 12 Months 12 Months 24 Months
    Mechanical and other components 6 Months 6 Months 12 Months
    Prices (Excluding freight and sales tax) $7,999.99 $9,249.99 SOLD OUT
    Deposit Required $1,000.00 $1,000.00
    Dealers are prohibited from taking full payment more than two weeks before shipment.

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