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Mac OS

  • 1) This update will only work with a Class 10 microSD Card that is 8GB or larger. You will also need a microSD USB adapter and 8GB of free space on your computer's hard drive. These are available on Amazon.
  • 2) Download the update file here:
  • 3) Get Extractor from the Mac App Store (Free App) to unzip the .7z file you just downloaded:
    NOTE: If the Mac App store isn't your thing, you don't have an account, and you just want to grab a different app, any free zip unarchiver will work. You can try this if you want:
  • 4) Launch Extractor and point it at AFMInstall100.7z; let it unzip the file; verify you're done when you see AFM100Installer.img on your desktop. Here is what Get Info looks like for the completed image:
  • 5) Download ApplePi-Baker here:
  • 6) Launch ApplePi-Baker and enter your admin password; this is required each time you launch the app and is required for the install:
  • 7) After you've entered your password, you're taken to the main screen. On the left side, in the Pi-Crust section, select the SD card that is inserted into your Mac:
  • 8) On the right side, in the Pi-Ingredients section, tap the ... to open up the File Browser
  • 9) Find the AFM100Installer.img and press Open:
  • 10) Press "Restore Backup" to begin the process:
  • 11) Wait a little bit... It will tell you how much time it has:
  • 12) When it's done writing the SD card, it will let you know that it was successful and that you can remove the SD card:
  • 13) With the game powered off, install the card in the controller board, behind the marquee translite. Power the game on, and you will see a message that the new version is installing.
  • Install the card in the controller board
  • 14) When you see the following message, power off the game, remove the card, and power the game back on.
  • Install complete

Special thanks to Marc Schonbrun for his help creating the Mac OS instructions.


This version includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • 1) Addition of Strobe Light adjustment, adding a brightness setting.
  • 2) Addition of Ramp Diverter coil strength adjustment.