Arcade Legends 2 Gamepack

Model #0501

  • Avengers
  • Bionic Commando
  • Carrier Airwing
  • Double Dragon 3
  • F1 Dream
  • Exed Exes
  • Forgotten Worlds
  • Gun Smoke
  • Legendary Wings
  • Rampage
  • Root Beer Tapper
  • Strider

All 20 titles not shown

Expand your Arcade Legends 2
Add an additional 20 unreleased games to your Arcade Legends 2 with this quick and easy upgrade. Once installed, your Arcade Legends 2 will have a total of 145 games!

Easy To Upgrade
Upgrading your Arcade Legends 2 cabinet only takes minutes, simply swap SD cards.

Same easy to navigate GUI (Graphical User Interface) with more great games.
The updated custom GUI sorts new and original games allowing user to preview each title as well as providing basic button control instructions.

AL2 Game Pack includes the following titles:

  • Avengers™ (Capcom)
  • Bionic Commando® (Capcom)
  • Bogey Manor™
  • Carrier Air Wing™ (Capcom)
  • Double Dragon 3™
  • Exed Exes™ (Capcom)
  • F-1 Dream™ (Capcom)
  • Forgotten Worlds™ (Capcom)
  • Gun Smoke™ (Capcom)
  • Gate of Doom™ (G-Mode)
  • Legendary Wings™ (Capcom)
  • Pirate Ship HiGeMaru™ (Capcom)
  • Rampage™
  • Root Beer Tapper™
  • Strider® (Capcom)
  • The Combatribes™
  • The King of Dragons™ (Capcom)
  • Three Wonders™ (Capcom)
  • Tiger Road™ (Capcom)
  • Trojan™ (Capcom)